After Humans. Mystic & magical kingdom

I am proud to introduce the After Humans collection. A mystical collection that comprehends 8 screen-shot-2014-10-30-at-9-47-22-ammagical animals of the “Wymithan” universe.Each piece shows an interpretive look into amazing photography created by a combination of professional photography edition techniques: remix, retouch, manipulation, illustration and special effects are combined to create mind-blowing images. Comprising multiple layers -at least 200- this unique technique enables thousands of elements to become real in one single picture.

After Humans, my latest collection, represents the Earth without humans, a place where these animals inherit the planet and become the dominant species.  There is an “urban” element in each one of them; a permanent reminder of a long gone civilization. But further from being a chaotic or apocalyptic tale, this collection transmits true hope, dreams and illusions. It shows the close relationship between us humans and all life on our planet.

Look in to the eyes of any of them and you will find strength,  joy,  life and of course magic. They make us realize how big and small we are. Every time you walk by these amazing creatures; look straight into their eyes and they will surely make you smile. Sigh, fill your soul and enjoy every moment of your day.

This is why you now own more than just a picture, not only an animal; this is humanity in it’s maximum expression; humanity’s pure, primitive, bare, awakened and connected soul. A soul that merges and dances with the moon, the sun, the ocean, the clouds… nature plays and important roll in each one of these pieces of art. The combination of all these elements is enough to lighten your wings and empower your flight.